What to Do When Squirrels Have Infested Your Attic

What to Do When Squirrels Have Infested Your Attic

The presence of squirrels in the attic is a serious problem to the homeowners. Attic offers warm, dry, and more than perfect for nesting and storage places for squirrels. They are comfortable and danger free places that squirrels will live for years. They will breed hear and grow their babies. Squires are not friendly creatures but rather a nuisance and destructive animals that need to be removed from human premises immediately they are detected. Squirrels in the Attic. What to Do? In the event that you discover these creatures in your attic, you need to begin the removal process immediately.

Tips to remove squirrels from attics

Trap and remove them

Trapping is one of the surest ways of getting rid squirrels. Buying squirrels sized cages and place them near the entry points of the squirrels. Ensure to seal all other entry points and leave one entry point. Additionally, you can put the trap in their hiding ground with food inside to attract them. Trapping should not be done once since it is a rather slow process. However, it is a sure process.

Use repellents

Repellents are also effective in eradicating squirrels. There are special sprays that are made using the urine of the squirrels’ predators. After smelling the spray, squirrels will escape from the attic. They assume that the predator is around and have to escape for their safety. Because of fearing the predators, they will leave and probably will not come back.

Use lights and sounds

Squirrels do not like light and noises in their living areas. Leave the light and radio on near their entry points. It will drive them away.

Use Ammonia

Ammonia is an effective chemical when it comes to eradicating the squirrels. They act as repellents. Wet some clothes or rags and spread them near the location where the squirrels. These creatures have a highly developed sense of smell, and they won’t stand the ammonia smell.

Sometimes you may be nervous to do all of the above tasks. Alternatively, you can call professional wildlife removal to help you get rid of these creatures.