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Pigeon Removal Pickering. A common bird problem faced by homeowners and businessmen is the infestation of pigeons in the building. Pigeons use buildings, signs, window sill, ledges, rooftops and other sturdy structures to build their nests and start roosting. Due to their size and colour, they are able to easily conceal themselves in the furthest corner of these building structures and it is almost impossible to find them or get them out. People do not seem bothered by the presence of pigeons in other places. Some people even offer seeds, grains and other food items to these birds. The problem arises when pigeons invade the privacy of our homes or create a mess in offices.

What gives them away are the other obvious signs of their presence. Blotches of droppings and urine on the floor and all over the walls, an unpleasantly foul smell, the constant cooing sounds and the invariable flights to and from the location of their nests; are all signs of a bird infestation. The first task is to identify that you have a bird problem. Then you need to contact professional removal services to help you get rid of this problem at once.

At Pigeon Removal Pickering we offer removal and control services that are the effective and long-term. We not only remove pigeons from your homes or offices, but we put reliable control measures in place to ensure that these birds would not be bothering you again. Call us at (647) 931-4821.

Facts about Pigeons


Pigeons are very sociable birds and you will often see them in close proximity with humans. This is why they are not intimidated to nest and roost in urban areas where humans are a majority. Pigeons are monogamous in nature and only mate with one partner for life. They breed and reproduce all through the year. However, the main seasons of reproduction are during the summer and spring. Feral pigeons build their nests in tiny spaces found in building corners or on ledges. Their nests are not strong and the material used for nest building often comes loose and blocks gutters and vents. This leads to flooding and further property damages.


Health Hazards

Pigeons pose a serious health threat to humans living in close proximity to them. They always invade in packs, so the larger the building space, the more the number of infesting pigeons. Pigeon droppings contain bacteria that spread diseases in humans. It is quite a problem if you have pigeons infesting school buildings or corporate offices. Human contact is larger in such surroundings and this could be hazardous to the health of many. Cleaning the mess regularly could help, but then again there’s risk to the persons attempting the cleaning procedure, especially if they do not have their safety gear on.

Removal of Bird Infestations

We have trained and licensed removal experts at Pigeon Removal Pickering, who would be glad to assist you with getting rid of your bird problems. Our eradication procedures are guaranteed and very cost-effective. We conduct a thorough inspection of the infested area before offering the removal and control solution that is best suited to resolve your pigeon problems. Call us at (647) 931-4821 and speak to our technician today.