how to keep skunks away

How to Keep Skunks Away

Skunks, although seemingly cute and cuddly, are nuisance when they spray and set home in your property. Know how to keep skunks away as early as possible.

How to Keep Skunks Away

  1. Eliminate their Water and Food

Skunks and other wildlife will not feel at home when they can’t find food in your property. Skunks are versatile when it comes to food so make sure that you have cleaned and removed every attractant. Attractants include fruits and vegetables, pet food, water in containers and garbage. Clean your surroundings and seal or cover every garbage container.

  1. Seal points of entry

They love dark, secluded places from holes in the ground to open spaces and burrows on your walls. Go around the house and put lids on these entry points. You can also put up a fence or mesh wire around your property to discourage them from coming in.

  1. Light the yard

Skunks are nocturnal animals. And because they like poorly lit areas, they’ll most likely go to you when your yard lacks enough lighting. Install extra bulbs to deter them from coming in.

  1. Apply natural Skunk repellent

Repellent may work but only for a short time. Do not use poison as this can be dangerous to everyone who will come in contact with it as well as harmful to the environment. Natural repellents can be bought from a store near you. These products could be based on ammonia, moth balls or spices.

  1. Use Raccoon traps

Skunks can be pretty easy to trap using raccoon or other cage traps. However, the removal could be tricky or you may end up getting sprayed. If you are adamant to do the removal yourself, call experts for guidance or hire them to handle the job for you. Remember to relocate skunks 10 miles away to make sure they don’t easily come running back to your property.