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Skunk Removal Pickering. Skunks are peaceful animals and seldom get into confrontations unless provoked. However, once they do, there is no backing out, and if they do not find a safe exit, they are sure to hand to their attackers one of the vilest smelling lessons of all time.

Now, although their spray is their signature move, skunks are also a threat on several other levels. The stink they emit is actually harmless if one leaves out the nasty smell that can be smelt from up to one and a half miles, but the other health risks these animals are capable of causing, as well as the property damage they are capable of, are all real threats.

As far as health risks are concerned, skunks are part of the rabies vector group and the species is identified as one of the major ones that are capable of carrying and transmitting the deadly virus to other animals, and even humans. Apart from the risk of rabies, skunks can cause several other serious diseases too.

Their burrowing habits even cause financial losses, as they not only dig up lawns and gardens in a bid to find worms and smaller rodents but even dig into the foundations of houses to make dens for themselves.

At Skunk Removal Pickering, we know just how dangerous a skunk can be, and our services ensure that your skunk invasion problems are dealt with in a humane, professional and comprehensive manner.


Health Risks

While rabies is easily the most dreadful disease a skunk is capable of passing on to other animals as well as humans, skunks pose a threat on other fronts too. Tularemia, Leptospirosis, Intestinal Ringworm and Intestinal Roundworm are all serious health threats that can be contracted through skunks.

Of course, rabies remains the most serious threat, and there are always reports making the round on how skunks in a particular region have tested positive for the disease. Rabies sometimes makes these animals aggressive too and the otherwise calm and shy skunks can even attack without provocation under the influence of this dreaded disease.

As far as your pets are concerned, they too are at a constant risk from conditions such as Canine Distemper and Canine Hepatitis.

Damage to Property

Skunks are great at digging for food, whether it is while looking for grubs and worms or smaller rodents like moles, rats and mice. The other reason they dig around for is to build dens for themselves. In a bid to dig a safe den, skunks are even known to invade the foundations of homes, weakening them in the process. These diggings can cause severe financial losses, and even affect the strength of the structure of the house.

Guaranteed skunk Removal

Although skunks can be a nuisance and cause damage to health as well as property, there are specific guidelines laid down for skunk control. At Skunk Removal Pickering, our teams of experts are well aware of every rule related to skunk removal and our solutions are not only humane but also conclusive.

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