how to get rid of squirrel humanely

How to Get Rid of Squirrels Humanely

Squirrels are nuisance creatures when in your property. They cause massive destruction especially if they have infested your garden. They destroy flowers, fruits, uproots seeds and much more. When they have taken refuge in your house, especially the attic, you can be rest assured of continued noise all through in your premise. In that case, you have to think of the best way to get rid of these creatures from your property in the most humane way. In this article, I will take you through tips on how to get rid of squirrels humanely.

  1. Use chemical products that attract or repel squirrels:

Some products are designed to keep off squirrels from your property. Most of these repellents are manufactured using urine of squirrels’ predator. If squirrel smells them, they will move out of that place. They will think that the predator is near, and they will just move out. Additionally, you can use products that will attract squirrels to enter the traps. Therefore, use scented repellents in places infested by squirrels.

  1. Use ultrasonic sounds

Squirrels do not like noise. They like living in quite, dark and silent places. They will not live in areas with a lot of noise. Therefore, use ultrasonic devices that are designed to repel squirrels from places they have infested. Keep these devices in the entry points or inside the premise. Their continued noise will deter squirrels away from your property.

  1. Use motion activated sprinklers to keep squirrels away

Motion activated sprinklers are perfect in getting rid of squirrels from the garden. These gadgets squirt any creatures that try to enter into your property. The better part of these gadgets is that they keep off all animals that try to get into your garden. Motion sprinkler will provide coverage of over 1000 feet radius.

  1. Fence with cages

Fencing your property is one of the best ideas of getting rid of squirrels from your property. Fencing keeps these creatures from getting into your property. For instance, it will be difficult for squirrels to get into a fenced garden since all the entry points are blocked.

All these methods will remove or keep off squirrels from infesting your property. They do not cause any damage or destruction to these creatures. Try any of these methods to remove squirrels from your property.