Raccoon Exclusions Services What You Need to Know

Raccoon Exclusions Services – What You Need to Know

Native to North America, Raccoons are mammals known for hand-like front paws, ringed tail and black facial mask. Fully grown ones are 35 to 70 cm long and weighs between 10 to 20 pounds. Although they prefer building their dens inside hollowed out trees and logs (which are located near water source), raccoons may sometimes wander away from home in nature and into commercial or residential centers in search of food. Here, they will abandon their logs and trees and build their new dens from man-made structures such as chimneys, room under the porch and attics.

Raccoon Removal Services – What You Need to Know

Because of the menace these naturally intelligent, mischievous, and nocturnal creatures create, it is imperative that you exclude them from your attics, chimneys or room under the porch. Nevertheless, did you know anything about raccoon exclusions services? Here are what you need top know as far as raccoon exclusions services is concerned.

Step 1: Inspection

When a raccoon exclusion specialist arrives at your home or office, he/she will first carry out a thorough inspection of your property to determine whether raccoons do get inside your crawlspace or attic. After collecting some information from you about raccoon problems you have been having, the expert will then examine each area along every part of your home’s roofline and around the base of your home to identify all possible entry points for the creature. They will then report to you as well as share their findings to diagnose and discuss the best ways possible to eliminate raccoon issues in your home.

Step 2: Removal of Raccoon

Following the inspection and agreement, the raccoon exclusion expert, will then set out to remove all raccoons from your crawlspace, attic and/or your property using advanced, humane trapping methods. Some companies also use one-way excluder valves, which they set up on the raccoon’s main entry point to allow the animal exit freely on their own, but prevent it from reentering. During this process, consider opting for raccoon removal assistance to ensure that neither you nor the animals are harmed.

Step 3: Full Home Exclusion

After completely removing raccoons from your compound, the raccoon exclusion professional will identify all entry points of the creature and seal them off to ensure they never enter your home again. Aside from ensuring that raccoons will never find a new way to enter your home, your chosen company should deliver long-term control solutions. Some of these solutions include the use of weatherproof sealant and high quality metal products, which the animal cannot scratch through or chew. Avoid companies that plug holes with copper mesh or spray ugly foam around your home to plug holes. A Raccoon Control Company that offers the most professional, durable and aesthetically pleasing exclusion work during full home exclusion is the best bet.

Step 4: Decontamination

The last step is not only to repair all damages the raccoons have caused to your home or office but also to conduct a decontamination service to ensure all the harmful contaminants are eliminated. CDC (Center for Disease Control), regards raccoon feces and urine as one of the most hazardous side effects of any wildlife infestation. With this in mind, most Raccoon Exclusion Companies often remove all insulation, especially the ones in the attic. After removing previous insulation, as well as any urine, feces, debris and nesting sites, most companies will apply 3-phase attic fogging treatment to eliminate all odors, bacteria and harmful pores, which can be released during excrement breakdown. Once they have completely cleansed and sanitized your home, the companies should blow in Knauf Jet Stream Insulation to an R-38 value to ensure you have the highest quality attic insulation in the market that helps you keep energy costs as low as possible.

Bottom Line

Given that raccoons are nocturnal animals, you will only find the damages the following morning. Trapping and catching a raccoon is somewhat difficult; thus, the only effective way to eliminate them is through exclusion techniques. Knowing the above raccoon exclusion services is important as far as evicting these creatures from your home or office is concerned.