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Squirrel Removal Pickering. The squirrel is a wildlife animal that has recently gotten comfortable living in close proximity to human beings. Due to the reduction of their natural habitat, it is only natural for squirrels to invade human homes for food, shelter and warmth. Squirrels are usually found infesting homes during the cold winters when they find it difficult to survive out in the open. They chew their way through your home, garage or attic and start nesting for the winter.

It is not very difficult to know when you have a squirrel infestation. Their obvious scampering, chewing and constant chittering are signs that you have squirrels. You will usually hear these sounds during the break of a damn when squirrels start their foraging for food.

It is best to get rid of these wildlife animals at the earliest, as they threaten colossal property damage as well as pose serious health threats. We at Squirrel Removal Pickering offer you safe, humane and affordable removal and control services. Our technician will locate all the entry points, used by squirrels to gain access into your property and seal them off permanently. Call us at (647) 931-4821 right away!

Urban Squirrel Invasions

Squirrels may be tiny in size but they do not fear humans much. They are quick to escape, so catching them without professional help is a waste of time. You may be able to drive them out of your home temporarily, but they will come right back. Squirrels will even scratch and bite if threatened. Squirrels will usually build nests in your attic or chimney and care for their young ones in these concealed places. It is difficult to locate their nests. Squirrels are messy when they try to steal food from your kitchen. They are likely to drop food around, making the place untidy and unhygienic.

Health Perils

Squirrels carry ticks and fleas that could get to the animals present in your home. Squirrels also carry bacteria and germs that are left behind on the items that they come in contact with. These items are then handled by humans and the infection passes on. It is hence better to eradicate squirrels from your premises as soon as you notice the start of an invasion.

Safe Squirrel Removal

At Squirrel Removal Pickering, we do not use any chemicals to rid you of your squirrel problems. Instead, we use safe and humane methods that guarantee the safety of the trapped squirrels and the people residing in your home. Call us today at (647) 931-4821 and book an inspection appointment. Our technician will check your property before offering you the best solutions and also quote you affordable service rates. Depending on the level of infestation treated, we will then carry out the control measures to ensure that you do not have another squirrel infestation in the future.